Best Browser Extensions

As we know, Google Chrome accounts for about 80% of web browser usage, according to a study by Microsoft Edge is next best in a distant second at 6%, so it is safe to assume that most people are using Google Chrome these days to browse the web.

But, are you familiar with ‘Extensions’ that can help you be more productive, write better, and can even tell you what sites you regularly visit (a good or bad thing!?). So many of them can even help you manage your time!

With all that said, we’ve put together a list of just a few extensions that may be useful throughout your workday (or even after hours).

  • Grammarly: Write like you actually know what you’re talking about! This handy tool aids in spelling, style, and even tone. It also assists in removing your most cringe-worthy writing errors. It puts a red line under words that need fixing. With the click of a button, the necessary changes are made for you. No need to even type!
  • Awesome Screenshot: The name really says it all. This cool tool has a super simple, one-click method to grab a screenshot of whatever may be on your screen at any given time. It can even record your screen if you need to send a quick video!
  • Checker Plus for Gmail: Never open your email again (what!?). This plugin will notify you and allows you to check, monitor, and even view your emails directly from your web browser. It not only alerts you when an email arrives, it can even read it out loud to you if you’re too busy to read the email. Though some may not like this due to security or privacy concerns, it’s definitely a great tool for those with disabilities.
  • StayFocusd: This extension has the ability to block sites that you tend to visit during the day that take up too much wasted time out. It allows you to better focus while working. This extension even enables you to block a website for a few hours, a few days, or even permanently.

The Chrome Webstore has just so many options to choose from to make your day even more productive. There are also various user support topics to help you through the process.

Have fun ‘extensioning’!