Best Solutions for Hybrid Work

It’s without a doubt, your team has gotten used to working remotely by now. However, at the same time, many employees may also be looking forward to getting back into the office. If you’re seriously considering a permanent hybrid work arrangement, then there are some things to think about. There are some tools you will need to do it correctly.
First off, you don’t want to jump into the deep end and think they way you’ve always done things will work from here on out. The entire mindset of employees has shifted and, as leaders, you need to be flexible and accommodating (whether you like it or not).
Here are just a few apps to check out to help you get the job done efficiently.

  • Communication: Though you probably have an email platform set up already, there is more to the communication game in the hybrid world. Real-time communication tools like Slack and Teams re worth taking a look at. Watch your inbox dwindle down to almost nothing in the process. Score!
  • Video Conference Calls: We’ve all heard of Zoom, as it’s the go-to conferencing app. But it doesn’t mean it’s the only one. BlueJeans, Google Meet and GOTOMeeting are still viable and worthy of checking out.
  • Document Management: DropBox and have been industry leaders for a while. However, you may want to check into Gdrive by Google, WorkDrive by ZOHO and OneDrive Microsoft as well, especially if you’re already them for other stuff.
  • Scheduling: Give your customers, employees, and potential clients access to your calendar directly. These apps provide a link where future meeting attendees can book their designated day and time directly to your calendar online. No more back and forth emails trying to schedule. Try Chili Piper, TimeTap, and SetMore.
  • Culture and Recognition: Make sure to provide props when and where needed. You can even enable your employees to hand out peer bonuses with these fun solutions: Nectar, OfficeVibe, and Bonusly.