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We offer business VoIP services Dayton area SMBs, enterprises and healthcare facilities need. These modern unified communications and business phone systems can be used anywhere, any time. Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is the digital software that lets calls be made over an Internet connection, instead of an old-school phone line. Not only that, but it has a much more reliable network which is scalable to the growth of any organization. Employees will be able to provide top-level customer satisfaction at a fraction of the cost.

VoIP offers a cost-effective communication strategy all teams deserve. Give employees the ability to work from anywhere on any device seamlessly over a private IP network, and eliminate the need for outdated phone lines. The digital phone number isn’t hardwired to a single phone line in the office, so staff members can work remotely with the tools they require, day or night.

Business Voip Services Dayton
Unified Communications

Benefits of Business VoIP Services

These cutting-edge communication solutions can be customized to fit any business. No matter the industry, no matter how big or small, a VoIP setup can help smooth operations. Just some of the many advantages a digital phone system has to offer include:

  • Much lower costs
  • Increased accessibility & scalability
  • Advanced features
  • Clearer voice quality
  • Multitasking support
  • Complete portability & flexibility

Online communication is truly a remote-ready solution to benefit a mobile, and even internal, workforce. The system handles phone calls over the Internet, so calls are not limited to just the office. With this type of application, you will see productivity and collaboration skyrocket.

Business Phone Systems offer Convenience

Other than the handsets needed, there really is no extra equipment to purchase. You can even just download a soft phone on any computer or mobile phone. Features include:

  • Auto attendant
  • Call routing
  • Voicemail to email
  • Attended & unattended transfer
  • Call Forwarding
  • Conferencing
  • Hold music
  • Reporting

Additionally, if an internet circuit goes down, we can re-route calls anywhere, automatically. And, of course, with the expert technicians at Atlas, all installation and maintenance is handled at no extra cost.

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Take your Metro Dayton organization to the next level with business VoIP services.