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Atlas supplies cloud computing services for Dayton organizations of all sizes. Whether it is data backup, Azure, Google Apps, Office 365, or other online solutions, most companies are already using a virtual platform. However, many still wonder how exactly these digital solutions can benefit operations. Directly stated, online applications enable an entire organization to access files from anywhere at any time. Thus, spending is cut, storage and cooling costs are eliminated, and productivity is amplified.

As we are aware, there have been tremendous strides in the technology sector. Due to all the advancements, vitual business solutions now drives the majority of the changes within most organizations. Atlas can help teams of all sizes take advantage of the great features a digital platform has to offer.

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Benefits of Cloud Computing Services

Business leaders are constantly weighing the pros and cons of convenience vs. full protection. Oftentimes, we hear from customers that they are concerned that migrating all operations online, while increasing ease of use, may put them at a higher risk when it comes to attacks. Simply put, this is just not the case. Digital solutions are a great way to leverage low-cost and high-value products that can reduce overall IT overhead, while also improving productivity. We help clients to streamline processes that positively impact their bottom line. Just some of many benefits of migrating online include:

  • Cost Savings & Security
  • Flexibility & Mobility
  • Increased Collaboration & Communication
  • Quality Control & Insight
  • Loss Prevention Sustainability
  • Automatic Software Updates

In addition to the great advantages listed above, local files that may have been lost can be restored in just a matter of clicks. All in all, vitual technologies are definitely easing efficiency and streamlining operations for everyone involved.

Automatic Daily Data Backup

With almost everyone transitioning to the digital space, vitual technology is truly the wave of the future. This cost-effective platform allows easy and convenient scalability for industries of all types. Not only is it all customizable, but the apps and information are accessible at all times. The simplicity a digital platform brings allows for faster collaboration and communication among employees.

Our in-depth strategies help simplify systems and protect files. As a result, organizations save time and money, while worrying less about their infrastructure. Upgrading to an advanced virtual server or hybrid environment, can result in energy savings, decreased downtime, quicker recovery times, and much more.

Cloud Computing Services

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