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Atlas is serious about network cybersecurity planning for Dayton area businesses and heathcare facilities. We’re an experienced security firm offering enterprise-level safeguards for organizations of all sizes.

Both internal and external threats can wreak havoc if proper defense mechanisms are not in place.  The innovative approach we utilize out-smarts hackers and various threats. We strongly believe that early detection and rapid response times are key to saving systems. As a leading provider, we understand that online risks constantly change on a daily basis. From viruses and ransomware, to phishing scams and brute force attacks, bad actors are consistently innovating their methods to meet their objectives.

So, to help better serve our customers, we have a complete suite of advanced detection solutions. Additionally, our strategic methods and continuous monitoring help to alert organizations before irreparable damage can occur.

cybersecurity Dayton, Ohio
Network Security Company Dayton, Ohio

Design a Proactive Cybersecurity Plan

Atlas uses innovative applications that work 24-7. Protecting systems from threats caused by internal vulnerabilities and misconfigurations. With advanced software monitoring your network, here are just a few examples of what we can catch:

  • Unusual logins.
  • Unauthorized connections.
  • New user profiles unexpectedly added.
  • Applications installed on a locked down system.
  • User granted admin credentials.

These are just some of the thousands of unsafe events, among others, occurring inside your network that we can defend against. Providing actionable intelligence that protects networks by alerting us to threats or changes, giving your management team crucial time to act. Furthermore, we constantly aim to create action plans to mitigate any and all threats.

Advanced Network Security Services

Keeping systems up-to-date, while keeping costs affordable, can feel overwhelming. From monitoring and maintenance to remote assistance and more, our team brings a full bundle of solutions to increase efficiency and productivity. Since our team of experts is just a phone call away, you will receive prompt attention, whether onsite or remote. This not only helps to meet business needs now, but also as an organization grows into the future.

The technicians here at Atlas work with customers closely as a strategic partner. Not only can we advise on how to use IT in order to meet and exceed business goals, but we also assist in overcoming any possible concerns. Our main objective is to improve an infrastructure to the point where it is efficient, reliable, and of course, protected.

Cybersecurity Services for Dayton, OH

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