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Atlas offers assistance with Microsoft Office 365 migration and business email solutions in the Dayton  metro area. We have proven expertise in the design, deployment and maintenance of these various online applications including Azure, Word, SharePoint, Teams, Excel, PowerPoint, Dynamics and more. Clients often say they are concerned that moving operations online may increase their risk of being attacked. To put it simply, this is just not the case. Digital solutions are a great way to leverage low-cost and high-value products, while also reducing IT overhead and improving productivity.

Some still wonder what exactly is 365? It’s  a subscription based platform offered by Microsoft as part of their online product offerings. All plans include automatic updates at no additional charge, as opposed to conventional licenses for these programs — where new versions require the purchase of a new license. Probably most importantly, it provides convenience and protection for critical business information.

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Business Email Solutions

Benefits of Microsoft Office 365

Not only will making the move to a fully digital platform boost productivity, enhance collaboration, and reduce overall IT costs, but it is the ideal solution for businesses that want to get more done in less time. Ensure vital business information and files are protected through the transition, and guarantee a working environment built for the future. Just a few of the many benefits include:

  • Subscription-based model for scalable growth
  • Automatic system updates
  • Ability for staff to work remotely
  • Reduced software expenses
  • Streamlined collaboration
  • Simplified virtual communication
  • Advanced security features
  • File storage and sharing capabilities
  • Valuable data insights
  • Access restrictions

Automation really helps to prevent systems from becoming compromised with vulnerable applications. So not only can all services be customized, but the ease of use a digital platform brings allows for faster collaboration and communication among employees.

Collaborate with Robust Business Email Solutions

Microsoft 365 lets teams collaborate in real time on the same documents. As a result, productivity is boosted and less time is spent waiting for feedback. For many business owners, one of their biggest concerns is actually migrating to the new platform.

Luckily, Atlas makes that process as simple and painless as possible. We will guide you every step of the way. When implementation is complete, our technicians are always around to help out. Our strategic partners experience higher levels of productivity and efficiency when making the switch. Let us show you how to transform your current IT environment into a modern workplace.

Microsoft Office 365 Business Support

Take your Metro Dayton business to the next level with the assistance of our Microsoft Office 365 migration experts!