The Latest iOS Upgrades

The latest iOS 15.4 upgrade that came in March promised to bring some features and functions that some users have been waiting for. Of course, there were the usual security bug fixes and repairs, but here just a few other enhancements that are worth noting.

  • Emojis: These cool little graphics are still the preferred way to express feelings in messaging, and now Apple made it even easier. Over 30 new emojis were included as part of this latest upgrade, including a pair of hands shaking, a hand saluting, a melting face for when you need it, and a disco ball. They all come with diversity and inclusion of skin tone options.
  • AirTag Fix: There have been some public outcries around how these handy ‘find my stuff’ tags can also be used for negative purposes as well. The new upgrade includes some improved detection functions, so you can see if a tag not owned by you is close by. A few reminder messages telling users that the device is attached to their Apple ID and that tracking people without their consent is a crime have been made more prominent.
  • Mask Recognition: And of course, only a pandemic could have seen this one coming. This much needed enhancement recognizes your face with your mask still on. There is a special algorithm that focuses on features around your eyes to make sure authentication is correct.
  • Siri Voice: A member of the LBGTQ+ community has recorded a new voice option for Siri. It does not have the distinction of being a male or female voice for diversity and inclusion purposes. In a company statement to Axios, Apple stated “We’re excited to introduce a new Siri voice for English speakers, giving users more options to choose a voice that speaks to them.”