Where to Buy a Used Laptop Online

Laptops are amazing machines. These small yet technologically advanced devices can be taken anywhere without taking up much space. They offer convenience and ease all at once. So, what are the best online websites to explore to buy a used laptop if you can’t afford, or just don’t need, a brand new one?

If you compare store prices to online deals, you will more often than not find cheaper ones online. Here are our recommendations of websites you should check out:

Amazon is by far the largest retail business online. Its revenue was 350+ billion in 2020. This huge brand has everything you can wish for, including deals on your favorite laptops. From Dell, HP, Macbook, iMac to Asus, Acer, you can easily find whatever your heart desires. Plus, the process to buy it is simple. Just select your product and add your shipping address. If you don’t like the product, superb customer service and support will always help you out.

Best Buy Outlet
The Best Buy Outlet is another secure place for new and used laptops. You can buy certified refurbished and used laptops quickly on its website. Look out for the brand-new laptops offered at clearance rates here. These laptops are also rated based on their usage and condition (fair to excellent). Best Buy Outlet offers different warranty types, returns, and exchange policies to keep customers on the safe side. You can always ask for repairs or an exchange if you’re not happy with your purchase.

Apple also offers used laptops under its dedicated Apple Certified Refurbished online store. Here, you can buy used and refurbished Macs, accessories, or iMacs. If you want to negate the hassle of buying from local stores with no product guarantee while saving a few hundred dollars, you should buy from Apple refurbished directly. You will get warranties, coverage on damage or loss, and plausible return policies.

The Facebook marketplace has hundreds of individual listings lined up for you to buy your next used laptop. You will find genuine retailers selling certified refurbished and box-opened laptops at lower prices. However, there are scammers, too. It’s best to conduct your research before fixating on an enticing laptop deal to buy. Do your due diligence and never send money to someone you don’t know.